FeisTech International

A. Hydraulic Precision Steel Tube

We have a complete and effective quality management and quality assurance system, and have successively passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, as91000 aerospace quality management system, national special equipment manufacturing license (pressure pipe A2), EU PED97 / 23 / EC certification, ISO / TS16949:2009 automobile and parts management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS1800 1: 2001 occupational health and safety management system certification and classification society certification. In August 2011, under the supervision and audit of SGS certification company in Switzerland, we successfully obtained the greenhouse gas management inspection certificate of iso14064-1:2006 international standard. Nowadays, Tianyang steel pipe is famous for "garden factory".           

Our seamless steel pipe is made of European en10305 (DIN2391 in Germany), American ASTM 269 standard series and Japanese JIS standard series. The high-quality hot-rolled seamless steel pipe E235 e255 E355 304 316 / 316L produced by Shanghai Baosteel is selected as the blank. On this basis, we cooperate with our unique steel pipe manufacturing and processing technology to finish drawing or rolling. Our steel pipes are characterized by high precision and high finish. Due to the special non oxidation bright heat treatment process NBK, there is no oxide layer on the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe after heat treatment, and the cleanness of the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe is high: the mechanical process performance of the steel pipe is excellent, the steel pipe can withstand high pressure without leakage, cold bending without deformation, expanding, flattening without cracks under various use environments, and the dimensional accuracy and surface finish indexes are higher than the European EN series standards American ASTM series standards and Japanese JIS series standards produce quality comparable to similar products of Germany, America and Japan.           

In 2013, we officially launched to the market, independently researched and developed a new product: carbon steel / stainless steel seamless steel pipe (hereinafter referred to as polymerization pipe), which is a new type of seamless steel pipe based on high-precision carbon steel seamless steel pipe, stainless steel seamless steel pipe as anti-corrosion functional material, using 3D cold polymerization material to aggregate two different types of seamless steel pipes, inner and outer Tube. At the same time, the polymer pipe has good mechanical properties of carbon steel, toughness and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, which can meet the highest requirements of pressure resistance, durability, corrosion resistance and cost performance of seamless steel pipe. Once launched, it has been greatly welcomed by the market.           

At present, our series of precision steel pipes can completely replace the imported steel pipes of the same standard, which are mainly used in hydraulic system piping, automobile manufacturing and production line piping, military industry, engineering machinery, railway locomotive, aerospace, ship and marine engineering, injection molding machine, machine tool and forging equipment, diesel engine, energy and chemical industry, paper-making machinery, wind power, boiler, heat exchanger, etc All trades. At present, the users are all over China, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Greece, the United Kingdom, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Iran, the Netherlands, Finland, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Lithuania, Poland, India, Indonesia, Chile, Italy, the United States, Canada, Xianggang, Taiwan and other 30 countries and regions. The representative customers include Sany group, American Parker, China Railway, Zoomlion, Sweden Volvo, Germany Benz, American general motors, China heavy truck, Shanghai COMAC, Jinan second machine tool, CNR, Dalian shipbuilding, CNOOC, etc.