FeisTech International

C. UCAR/AGM High Temperature Insulation

As FeisTech International‘s strategic partner for speciality Graphite business, UCAR/AGM (Advanced Graphite Materials LLC,  former UCAR/GrafTech Advanced Graphite Materials Division) provides broad-based solutions, developed for iron, steel and metals production, solar, nuclear, oil & gas, defense, aerospace and many others, this positions the company and its customers to continue to grow and evolve well into the future.

UCAR/AGM is a world leader in graphite material science with more than 114 years of experience in the carbon and graphite industry. Operations began in 1906 in CKB plant, West Virginia and our history can be traced back to National Carbon Company becoming Union Carbide Corporation, UCAR, GrafTech and finally becoming Advanced Graphite Materials LLC in October 2017 after it was seperated from GrafTech Internatinal as an independent entity.

UCAR/AGM GRAFSTAR™ advanced graphite is an ideal choice for customers across multiple industries with demanding applications requiring high strength, low thermal expansion, and superior conductivity. For over 100 years, UCAR/AGM has been continuously redefining limits with ongoing testing, grade formulation, machining, and purification to develop innovative graphite material solutions for customers in over 65 countries.

UCAR/AGM sets the industry standard in graphite, machining diameters up to 73” and larger jointed diameters upon request. We provide the expertise and solutions to keep you ahead of the competition – recommending design changes to reduce machining costs and handling any CAD/Cam system in use, eliminating barriers in language and measurement systems.

UCAR/AGM can produce and supply below extruded graphite, molded graphite and insulation material grades:

1. Extruded Graphite Grades: Including CSTM Extruded Graphite, CSXTM Extruded Graphite, CS88TM Extruded Graphite, CS-31TM Extruded Carbon, CS-114TM Anti-Oxidation Extruded Graphite, SF76TM Mg Electrolysis- Low SR Extruded Graphite, CHVTM Big-Cross Extruded Graphite, AGSXTM Extruded Graphite, CAJTM SAF Specialty Electrode, etc.
2. Molded Graphite Grades: Including PGXTM Molded Graphite, PGWTM Molded Graphite etc.
3. Graphite Insulation Grades: Including GRITM Graphite Rigid Insulation, GRITM-G / GRITM–GG Grafoil-Faced GRI Insulation, and GRITM –C / GRITM –CC  CFC-Faced GRI Insulation, etc.