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About Us

FeisTech International is an international sales agent group with headquarter in Hong Kong, specializing in various industrial materials and equipment products, with over 20 sales offices in  China, South Korea, South Africa, France, Canada and other countries worldwide. FeisTech International always adheres to the development strategy of "Global manufacturers provide selected products, Local experts provide professional services", and is committed to providing localized and professional sales agency services for leading industrial materials and equipment manufacturing partners in global countries through our expanding transnational marketing network. Corporate Website: www.feistech.com           
Until today, FeisTech International is partnering with various selected top industry material and equipment manufacturers and supplys selected wide range of products including:
1) Corning Optical Materials
: High Purity Fused Silica (HPFS 7979, 7980, 8655), Ultra Low Expansion glass (ULE 7972, 7973) and other Corning optical materials;
2) Specialty Graphite materials (Extruded/molded/vibration molded/ISO molded), Graphite high-temperature insulation materials, including graphite rigid insulation (GRI) and grafoil or CFC faced insulations;
3) Graphite electrode, including RP/HP/UHP grades for steel and other metallurgical applications;
4) Graphite/SiC crucibles and accessories, for non-ferrous metal melting;
5) Carbon/graphite related refractory products, including Hot-pressed NMA/NMD carbon bricks, ramming paste, C34 cements and other refractory products for steel blasting furnaces and sub;
6) Ceramic related refractory products, including tabular corundum and other refractory raw material products and monolithic refractory solutions for iron/steel and con-ferrous metallurgical applications;
7) Premium Al2O3 powder raw materials, including various calcined fine/ultrafine low soda specialty Al2O3 powders for refractory, fine ceramic, glass substrate/glass cover panels and other applications;
8) Various SiC and silicon nitride ceramic components: such as thermal couple protection tubes, riser tubes, kiln furniture and other engineering ceramic parts for high temperature resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant applications.
9) Precision steel pipes, for hydraulic and other industrial applications;
10) Special bimetal metallurgical clapping pipes, for chemical industry and oil & gas applications;
11) Metallurgical equipment, including sintering machine, annular cooler and other equipment for sintering pellet;
12) Mining equipment, including Crushing, grinding, beneficiation and other equipment;
13) Mining consumable products, including steel grinding balls, alloy mill liner plates etc.
14) Bulk conveying and handling equipment, including belt conveyor, stacker reclaimer etc. for various industries;
15) Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) of various models;
16) Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment, including fracturing truck / sand mixer / instrument truck;
17) Other large-scale casting and forging components, mechanical equipment and complete sets of large projects.
18) Specialized steel products including wide and thick plates, engineering machinery steel, wear-resistant steel plate, seamless steel tube, etc.
19) Technical service and engineering consultation related to section steel rolling: including new product development of section steel rolling (such as pass design, rolling mill guide design, on-site guidance), technical consultation service (such as quality improvement and cost reduction measures), engineering equipment technical calculation (such as roll life calculation), procurement support (such as rolling mill investment planning and supplier sourcing/assessments).

Why FeisTech?           
1) "Global Supply" - comes from carefully selected global suppliers with top quality reputation;
2) "Local Service" - comes from selected local sales managers with professional industry experience;         
3) "No Price Difference" – Directly signed contract between the customer and the manufacturers;

Why FeisTech?

  1. “Global Supply”from Selected global suppliers: to ensure most reliable product supply, for each product line, we only select Top3 global manufacturers with proven quality reputation and cost advantages as our global supplier partner;
  2. “Local Service” from Selected local team: to ensure best service, we only select local industry experts who understands your applications to be our local sales/technical support representatives (for customer side) and our local sourcing support representatives (for supplier side). Most of our local sales managers were former experience managers from top multinational companies of your specific industries.
  3. “No Price Gap” between customer and supplier: FeisTech only charges maximum 5-10% service commission to ensure transparent price and service;With headquarters located in Hong Kong, FeisTech International is a leading international sales agent company with over 30 sales offices worldwide, covering China, Korea, South Africa, France, Canada and other selected countries.
Now FeisTech has officially signed long-term "Sales Agent" partnership agreements with below leading US/Europe/China suppliers, including:
China Region (Import to China):

1) Advanced Graphite Materials LLC    (US)
Former UCAR/GrafTech Advanced Graphite Materials Division, producing various extruded/molded specialty graphite raw material grades and graphite insulation materials with over 130 years history;

2) Advanced Graphite Materials Italy S.R.L   (Italy) 
Former UCAR/GrafTech Europe Facility - Graphite Machine Shop, with over 60 years history as Europe machining center for specialty graphite and insulation products;
3) GT Refractory Solutions LLC    (US)
- Former 
UCAR/GrafTech Refractory Solutions Division, with over 130 years history, producing specialty graphite powder, carbon brick, cement for steel furnace related refractory products;

4) Saginaw Carbon    (US)
- Providing graphite, carbon, UCAR MetalCeramic thermocouple protection tube, etc.

5) Metal Filtration Ltd.    (UK)
- Provide unique, innovative energy saving coating product – FuelSave Coating

6) East Engineering LLC   (Japan)
- -One of the most professional steel rolling technology consulting companies in Japan. With engineering experience with SMS, Danieli, Steel Plantech, Primetals Technologies and other key steel rolling engineering consulting companies. Focus on new product development (such as pass design, rolling mill guide design, site guidance), technical consulting services (such as quality improvement, production efficiency improvement and cost reduction measures), engineering equipment technology calculation (such as roll life calculation), procurement support (such as rolling mill investment planning, independent third party looking for suppliers and collecting quotations and evaluations), etc.

International Countries (Export from China): 

7) Fangda Carbon Group (China)
- The No.1 graphite electrode manufacturer in China, and No.3 biggest graphite electrode manufacturer in the world with over 200,000 MT/year capacity.  

8) Datong Xincheng New Materials Co., Ltd. (China)
- The largest vibration molded and molded specialty graphite manufacturer in China, with total production capacity about 30,000 metric tons/year, producing speciality graphite blocks, round billets, desulfurization/denitrification activated coke and other carbon related products. Datong Xincheng was established in Y2007, and becaue a public company on Jan 24th, 2014, listed in Cina new over-the-counter market (stock code: 430493).

9Baofeng Five-Star Graphite Co., Ltd.     (China)
- China's largest and most cost competitive manufacturer of isostatic graphite material, with annual output of 15,000 MT/year. Its products are widely used in solar photovoltaic and semiconductor processing, EDM, aerospace, metal mold, nuclear reactor and other industries.

10Zhejiang Zili Holdings Co, Ltd.  China
-Established in 1985, Zhejiang Zili is one of the leading manufacturers of tabular corundum refractories and high-grade alumina powder raw materials in China. The company has three manufacturing bases in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces. Production capacity: refractory products is 290,000 tons / year, plate corundum 100,000 tons / year, binder 3,000t / year, various micro Al2O3 powders 20,000 tons / year, and phenolic resin 20,000 tons / year.

11Weifang Huamei Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. China
- Weifang Huamei is China's No. 1 producer of high performance reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic products,  with annual output of 3 million pieces (sets). Main products include various reaction sintered silicon carbide, pressure sintered silicon carbide, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide and other ceramic products, such as ceramic beam, roller, burner, cold air pipe, shed plate, sagger, crucible, thermocouple protection pipe, heat exchange pipe, radiation pipe inner pipe, radiation pipe outer pipe, desulfurization nozzle, cantilever blade, atmosphere furnace pipe, sandblast nozzle, shaft sleeve, dense Sealing parts and various high-temperature, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant silicon carbide ceramic special-shaped parts are widely used in military industry, aerospace, nuclear power, liquid crystal, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, automobile, papermaking, medicine and other fields;

12Shenyang Starlight Technical Ceramics Co., Ltd.  China
-Established in Y1995, Shenyang Starlight Technical Ceramics Co., Ltd.is a China-Germany joint venture and one of the best advanced SiC products manufacturers in China, with annual production capacity of SiC products over 1,000 MT/year. Shenyang Starlight has three series of SiC products: Starry (RSIC recrystallized silicon carbide), Starry (NSIC silicon nitride combined silicon carbide), and Starry (SiSiC reaction sintering silicon carbide). It is one of the limited suppliers in the world who can produce three SiC materials at the same time. The company's products are sold to more than 20 countries and regions, and the export proportion reaches 30%. The main products are high-quality energy-saving kiln furniture, high-temperature kiln accessories and high value-added structural parts for ceramics and related industries. Main application fields: high temperature alumina zirconia products, daily ceramics, sanitary ware, electric ceramics, electronic ceramics, honeycomb ceramics, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.

13 Yixing Huajing Technology Co., Ltd.   China
-As a China-Japan joint venture, Yixing Huajing is recognized as one of the Top manufacturer of silicon nitride super ceramics, with annual production capacity around 200 tons/year. Main products include silicon nitride heater protection tube, thermocouple protection tube, riser tube, sealing tube, degassing rotor, etc.

14)  Jiaxing Hot Advanced Ceramic Products Co., Ltd.   (China)
- A leading China manufacturer of various graphite crucible products which
are widely used for nonferrous metal’s melting and holding in electric resistance , gas fired furnace, induction furnace, coke fired furnaces, serving various applications including high flux and strong corrosion application, aluminum alloy die casting, low pressure casting, and gravity casting application, etc.


15)  Shanghai Tianyang Steel Tube Co., Ltd.,    (China)
- A leading China manufacturer of precision stainless steel tube, clay pipes for industrial and oil/gas applications;

16)  Northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (NHI)    (China)
- A top China heavy machinery equipment manufacturer with complete integration EPC capabilities, serving various industry applications, including metallurgy & mining equipment, bulk material handling and conveying equipment, powder and petroleum, cement and construction machinery, building material, environmental protection and industrial applications.

17)  Valin Steel Group     (China)
- The 7th largest Iron & Steel manufacturing group in China with over total 24 million MTs capacity, covering more than 7000 specifications of 10 categories such as wide and thick plate, cold and hot-rolled sheet, seamless steel tube, wire and bar. Under Valine Steel Group, there are 3 main leading steel companies located in Hunan province, including:
@ Valin Xiangtan Iron & Steel Group: XISC established in Y1958, No.1 wide and thick steel plate manufacturer in the world);
@ Valin Lianyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd (LY Steel established in 1958, No.1 engineering machinery steel and thin wear-resistant steel plate manufacturer in China);
@ Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co., Ltd.(HYST established in Y1958, No.1 exporter of specialized seamless steel tube manufacturer in China, with No.2 capacity in China ranking and No.5 capacity in global ranking). 

18Longteng Special Steel Group  China
- The largest steel grinding ball manufacturer in China, with annual capacity over 500,000 MT/year;
- No.1 China exporter of steel grinding ball, with around 60% export share;

......and other China Leading Companies