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Graphite Crucible
Graphite Crucible

As FeisTech Intenational's selected China manufacturing partner for graphite crucible business, Jiaxing Hot Advanced Ceramics Co., Ltd. (JXHAC), located in the beautiful Jiaxing city, is a high-tech company, committed in developing, manufacturing, and supplying the world first class iso-pressed graphite silicon carbide crucibles. Our products are widely used in diversified areas, with magnificent practices in foundry industry.

To make the world first class crucibles, we invested the most advanced iso-presser and other facilities, and use imported key materials in our ingredient. The leading German technology was digested and developed in our manufacturing process, and therefore underpinned the best performance of our product. The original success of the company was based not only on the provision of high quality products, but also on service and problem-solving as well as the development of application technology. This philosophy remains one of JXHAC's core values to this very day.

JXHAC committed in providing our customers the best products and services, by partnering with customers, focusing on improving their business performance. Together, we create new value by enabling foundries to produce castings in the most cost-effective, technically efficient and sustainable way.
JXHAC crucibles are made from high purity natural graphite and sic,by using the most advanced ISO pressing Process. JXHAC crucibles show extremely high mechanical strenght and oxidation resistance performanace. the crucible is invented for high flux and strong corrosion application in aluminum alloy die casting,low pressure casting, and gravity casting application.