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FeisTech International was authorized as Sales Agent for Northern Heavy Industrial Group (NHI) for internatinal markets.

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Update time : 2019-12-24 23:06:00
About FeisTech International:
 FeisTech International is an international sales agent group with headquarter in Hong Kong, specializing in various industrial materials and equipment products, with over 30 sales offices in  China, South Korea, South Africa, France, Canada and other countries worldwide. FeisTech International always adheres to the development strategy of "Global manufacturers provide selected products, Local experts provide professional services", and is committed to providing localized and professional sales agency services for leading industrial materials and equipment manufacturing partners in global countries through our expanding transnational marketing network. Corporate Website: www.feistech.com           
Until today, FeisTech has become authorized internal sales agent of various selected top industry material and equipment manufacturers and supply selected wide range of products including: Extruded/molded/vibration molded/ISO molded special graphite raw materials and graphite rigid insulation materials; RP/HP/UHP graphite electrodes; graphite/silicon carbide crucibles for non-ferrous metal smelting; Precision steel pipes for hydraulic and other industrial applications; special bimetal metallurgical clapping pipes for chemical industry and oil & gas applications; Sintering machine / annular cooler and other equipment for sintering pellet for metallurgical industry; Crushing / grinding / beneficiation and other equipment for mining industry; Bulk conveying and handling equipment such as belt conveyor and stacker reclaimer for various industries; Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) of various models; Fracturing truck / sand mixer / instrument truck for oil and gas industry; Other large-scale mechanical equipment and complete sets of large projects.
Why FeisTech?           
1) "Global Supply" - comes from carefully selected global suppliers with top quality reputation;
2) "Local Service" - comes from selected local sales managers with professional industry experience;         
3) "No Price Difference" – Directly signed contract between the customer and the manufacturers;

About North Heavy Industry (NHI)
North heavy Industry Group (NHI) was established in Y2006 on the basis of the merger and reorganization of Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (history from Y1937, the first heavy machinery plant in China) and Shenyang Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd (history from Y1921, a leading mining equipment manufacturer in China). NHI is one of the top 500 China manufacturing enterprises and one of the Top 50 China heavy machinery enterprises, well known as “The Cradle of China Heavy Industries”. After several key acquisitions (Acquire 52% share of NFM/France in Y2007; Acquire key share of Robbins Company/USA in Y2016, Built 50-50 JV with FLSmith in Y2016), NHI has gradually developed itself to a leading multinational industry group with customers in more than 30 countries worldwide.
NHI has complete capability of design, test, inspection and measurement, modern processing equipment such as steel-making, casting, forging, heat treatment, welding, machining and assembly, and complete production and manufacturing system. NHI mainly provides crushing and grinding, mineral washing, sintering pellet, metal rolling and finishing, shear tunnel driving, bulk material conveying and loading/unloading, coal mine comprehensive mining, engineering machinery, transmission machinery, artificial board, environmental protection, military industry and other major technical equipment as well as large-scale casting and forging for metallurgical, mining, coal, electric power, building materials, port, chemical, engineering, environmental protection and other industries with R&D, design, manufacturing and services.
Key Figures:
@ Annual Sales Revenue:     about    USD 2.0 billion;
@ Total Employees:               around 12,000 worldwide;
@ Total Assets:                       over      USD 1.0 billion;

Annual Production Capacity:
  1. 35,000 tons of ingots, 25,000 tons of steel castings, 15,000 tons of forged steel parts, 15,000 tons of heat-treated parts, and 450,000 tons of machine products.

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